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Amplifier Section Shown. Dual Monaural Copper Chassis Stereo 300B SE Amplifier, fixed biased outputs, SRPP driver, RC coupled input stage.  All triode audio path, paper in oil and REL TFT coupling capacitors, Holco & Mills resistors in audio circuitry.  DC heated filaments, inductive decoupling on the 300B filaments. Output transformers are Tamura Amorphous Core,  and the fully tube regulated power supply unit features custom built power transformers by Tamura.   Gain: 23dB Hum & Noise: 0.5mVrms unweighted  Bandwidth: 20Hz - 40kHz -1dB  Power Output: 10Wrms max. out into 4, 8 or 16 ohms. My300B SE Stereo Basic Amplifier shown. This is part of a two piece amplifying system (power supply unit not shown) of exceptional quality. Tamura Amorphous Core output transformers and WE 300B are just two features of this  custom amplifier. Licensing for limited production is available.

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